About Us


The Mark & Daniel Mission Statement is simple:

“To produce the best sounding products in the market while remaining affordable to a wide range of audiophiles.“

Mark & Daniel is born:

Perhaps it was all written in the stars. In 1996, a young army lieutenant colonel named Daniel Lee, whose specialty was electronics and communication decided to pursue his interest in meditation during his off hours from his military commitment.  As luck would have it, Daniel met Zen master Mark Wong, who in his off hours, pursued his own interests in entrepreneurial venture capitalism and business formation. 

Daniel Lee had been nurturing the design for a different kind of speaker in his mind for many years but had put nothing to paper. When he met Mark Wong and shared his passion for audio purity with him, Daniel found the spark that brought his vision to life, and Mark and Daniel Audio Labs finally became a reality.



With the backing and enthusiasm of his new friend, Daniel Lee sketched out the design parameters for his new line of speakers in Santa Clara, California. Then, moving to Shanghai to found the first Mark & Daniel Audio Labs speaker factory, the very first Mark & Daniel speaker featuring a modified Air Motion Transformer was created. Daniel described this modified AMT as his DREAMS (Direct Radiated Emission Air Motion Structure) driver. Not content with this incredible accomplishment, Daniel designed and patented the SX woofer, a design which made history and received immediate recognition and accolades throughout the audio world of the East.


With this initial success, Mark & Daniel set out to revolutionize the world of audio reproduction by creating a complete line of speakers that exemplified the guiding principles of Mark & Daniel to this day: extraordinary performance at extraordinarily reasonable prices.



Mark & Daniel comes to America:




One lone winter night in January, 2005, Loren Charles was roaming the internet searching for an old pair of ESS Heil speakers on E-Bay. Loren was familiar with these now legendary speakers as possessing the most amazingly realistic high end drivers ever conceived. And for that reason, he was less than thrilled with his E-Bay search, which turned up 3 pair of old ESS speakers (last made in the 1970s) in shabby condition for a great deal of money.



On a curious hunch, Loren performed a quick web search and found a company named of Mark & Daniel based in Shanghai, China. This young company claimed to not only use Air Motion Transformers in their speakers; they also claimed to have modified the AMTs and thereby solved 2 of the AMTs major deficiencies -- fragility and directionality.


The early AMTs could not sustain continuous high volume levels for long periods of time. They would simply and quietly fail. Yet even when they were working correctly, they were also highly directional, creating a relatively narrow and focused sound stage. But Mark & Daniel claimed their newly modified Air Motion Transformer "DREAMS" DRIVER had solved both of these problems.


Intrigued, Loren wrote directly to Daniel Lee to inquire where in the U.S. he might be able to audition these amazing speakers. Daniel replied via e-mail that they were not available in the U.S. at the time, but he would be willing to sell a pair directly.


Loren decided to give it a shot and risk several thousand dollars to hear what he hoped would bring back that legendary sound into his own living room. A few weeks later, the first pair of Mark & Daniel Maximus Monitors arrived in America, delivered directly to Loren Charles in Tucson, Arizona. Connecting them to his waiting Krell integrated amplifier, Loren flipped the switch, put on his favorite CD and within minutes, realized that these Mark & Daniel speakers easily surpassed the old ESS models he had hoped to purchase.


Firing another e-mail back to Daniel Lee, Loren asked if there was a distributor in America for these wonderful, new speakers, and was delighted to hear that one had not yet been chosen. The rest, as they say, is history.