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"...excellent for Pro Audio applications such as auditorium, studio, small cinema theaters"











The Apollo Sound System is designed to appeal to the most discriminating audiophiles and is suitable for very large listening rooms. It is also excellent for Pro Audio applications such as auditorium, studio, small cinema theaters, and so forth.

The Apollo is structured as a two-way system with one additional omni-directional super tweeter, featuring a low 500Hz crossover and a super low FMD index. This large sized floor-standing speaker system employs the latest advanced concepts and state-of-the-art technology developed by M&D®.



Each Apollo speaker consists of one newly developed M&D® DM-3 DREAMS driver, with a huge diaphragm 160 times larger than a conventional 1” dome tweeter! These are carefully pair-matched for wideband reproduction, from 500Hz up to 20KHz (for over 5 octaves!), which virtually guarantees true high fidelity audio reproduction, stunning dynamic output, and super low FMD (Frequency Modulation Distortion) pollution by covering the most essential (800-4Khz) Mid Frequency band, and the complete High Frequency band - all with one single driver! This amazing achievement is accomplished without acoustics crossovers, without phase variations, without any LC compensation network.


In order to achieve such unparalled sound quality, two very powerful 10” woofers with stunning output capability, using M&D®’s patented SX (Super Xmax) technology, are employed in the design of the Apollo speaker system. These outstanding low distortion drivers accomplish optimized Q-control, from 500Hz down to 24Hz (system F3), with a very high bass output capability derived from the exceptional + 15mm (1.2”) linear excursion of the SX woofers.


Two 10” SX woofers and one DM-3 DREAMS wide band driver are carefully positioned to produce time coherent placement for more precise audio reproduction while utilizing reversal D’Appollito 3/2 geometry to provide a better vertical acoustic-pattern for this large Apollo sound system.



The two 10” drivers are completely isolated within the enclosure. Each woofer has its own speaker terminal, and crossover network with 8 Ohms impedance, yields 4 Ohms impedance when the two woofers are wired in parallel connection. And the Apollo has its own uniquely structured chamber with two large reflection pipes, tuned to slightly different resonant frequencies for better bass response throughout the speaker system. 


Each complex speaker enclosure is hand-made and crafted from costly Compound Marble material (CAM). The cabinet is extremely rigid and heavy (each weighs 116Kg, or 256lb) to properly handle the enormous internal pressures developed by these exceptional drivers. A DM-2 DREAMS super tweeter is installed on the top of the speaker enclosure. This proprietary super tweeter features high power handling and low FMD reproduction capability, and is mounted face upwards to respond only to music HF harmonics, from 7Khz up to 35Khz. Crafted from compound marble, a large acoustic diffuser cone is placed on the top of the unit facing downwards to provide a 4 p (360 degree) audio radiation pattern into the entire listening room. Listeners will no longer hear HF harmonics only from the speaker’s tweeter, but will also hear many indirect reflections from the listening environment. This will create more vivid and life-like music reproduction throughout the very high frequency range.



The Apollo sound system is large and heavy indeed; a wheeled caster platform is therefore provided, which may be placed beneath the speaker enclosure for ease of speaker movement and placement to provide the best possible adjustment for the sound system. With the caster platform, the complete Apollo speaker system weighs 127Kg (280 lb). This platform is especially useful when used in Pro Audio applications."