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"...a monitor with rich bass..."










Imagine a speaker that could grow with you.  Not only grow, but a speaker that could seriously compete with our own Apollo II.  Internally referred to as the modular Apollo II, the Aragorn starts out as a monitor with rich bass extending down to 36Hz at 3dB.  Add the Bass Extender stand and the Aragorn now extends down to 26Hz,  the exclusive province of floor standers. Looking for a more open presentation rivaling that of the Apollo II Simply drop an Omni-Harmonizer in the custom-purposed slot on top of the Aragorn, and voila.


Don't get us wrong, the naked Aragorn is no slouch with a pedigree out-of-the-box and ease in filling very large rooms exceeding that of the Maximus-Monitor." with the following:  "The Aragorn without the bass extender stand is one formidable speaker.  But if and when you are ready for more, The Aragorn, with the addition of the modular Omni Harmonizer and Bass Extender Stand, will be ready to take you beyond your sonic expectations.