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"High degree of fit, finish and fitness of purpose..."

John Potis, Reviewer of











Through exhaustive research and development, Mark & Daniel have done the seemingly impossible. Carefully crafted to be only 60% the size of the highly acclaimed Maximus-Ruby speaker, yet featuring stunning sound reproduction from 50Hz up to 35 KHz, the Maximus Mini is simply the most amazing small speaker you will ever hear. 

The “Mini” rewrites the small speaker “rule book” with solid bass performance, clear, detailed resolution, and a coherent sound stage that must be heard to be believed. 

The smallest speaker in the entire Mark & Daniel lineup, the “Mini” is Daniel Lee’s proudest achievement. It completely redefines the capabilities of small audio speakers. 

The compact size and sonic performance of the Maximus Mini Monitor enables it to be used in practically any application where a full range, high fidelity speaker is desired, and where space is at a premium. 

From Home Theater, Stereo Hi Fi reproduction, and PC station and gaming systems, the Maximus-Mini enables everyone to enjoy true high fidelity sound from an incredibly small package. The two-way, bi-wired Maximus-Mini features a DM-2 DREAMS super tweeter installed on the front panel to cover a wide audio range from 1400Hz up to 35KHz.  The modified Air Motion Transformer covers the mid/high frequency band with superb detail and impressive dispersion characteristics. It incorporates a newly developed 4.0” SX woofer with an amazing ±7.5mm linear excursion, hand assembled into a compact Compound Artificial Marble enclosure, which allows a system F3 response down to 50Hz -- very dramatic output capability from such a tiny cabinet! 

The Maximus-Mini’s dimensions are only H 25.4cm (10.0“) x W 14.2cm (5.6”) x D 17.9 cm (7.0“).  The hand-made compound marble enclosure is solid and heavy, each weighing 6.3 Kg (14 lb). There are 4 small pads beneath each speaker enclosure; 4 bolts are installed at the enclosure’s bottom to fasten the speaker to other hardware such as wall mounting applications, easily accessed by removing the cover pads at the bottom of each speaker. 

The nominal impedance is 4-8 ohms with average efficiency being 82.5 dB/2.83V/1m.  A mid-power amplifier with 60 watts per channel is recommended to properly drive the Maximus-Mini speaker.






" thing upon which all reasonable people will agree is the unusually high degree of fit, finish and fitness of purpose here. The synthetic marble enclosures are the antithesis of fussy and fragile. Finger prints vanish into the material's satiny finish the Mini's soundstage presentation is everything one expects from a very good monitor even ones well in excess of its price. It's huge, it's spacious, it's airy and it's focused. The soundstage still traversed my room wall to wall. Images had terrific focus and the bass was physically palpable if not quite jolting. I guess the biggest point to be made here about the minis is that they are fun to listen to and very easy to enjoy.


- John Potis, Reviewer of



"I believe that a great part of the Maximus Minis? success boils down to coherence. The Dreams driver covers 1400Hz to 35kHz. From 1.4kHz up past the limits of audibility, the Minis sing with a single voice. There?s no melding of a mediocre midrange with what in this price class is likely to be a relatively inexpensive tweeter. Even if you don?t credit yourself with golden ears or don?t find yourself vexed by the continuity problems of the usual speakers in this class, there will probably be an almost unconscious reaction to the minis of a very positive sort? As for the Dreams driver, it couldn?t be more accurately named if it is just an acronym.?


-John Potis, Reviewer of