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"Low frequency extension is rock-like in it's unwavering solidity...."

- Srajan Ebaen, Publisher & Chief Editor of










Talk to a few bonafide audiophiles and ask them for a giant killer a speaker that plays, no sings, better than the elite many times its price and you are bound to hear the Mark & Daniel Monitor high on this list if not first. That's why it's our biggest seller.


The Monitor was Mark & Daniel's first speaker design. Building on this highly acclaimed legacy was no easy feat. Each iteration provided a fine refinement over the previous one. Now in its third generation, it has finally reached maturity like a fine aged port.


It's full bodied and rich. It's dynamic and energetic. It's kicking and screaming. It's powerful but balanced. It's smooth but detailed. It's transparent but not fatiguing.


It's everything you've ever wanted from an audiophile floorstander but it's a Monitor only slightly larger than legal sized paper.


The giant killer is here to stay. Read the reviews, you'll be convinced.





"HERE'S AN INSTANCE WHERE MODEL NAME, EXPECTATIONS AND DELIVERY SYNCHRONIZE for once... There's no apparent cabinet talk and hence, no fuzzies. LOW FREQUENCY EXTENSION IS ROCK-LIKE IN ITS UNWAVERING SOLIDITY AND -- THIS IS KEY -- UNFORCED... The Maximus now lives up fully to its name and the Omni- Harmonizer becomes optional rather than essential kit. At $3 or $4K in either trim package, YOU'RE NOW LOOKING AT A COMPACT SPEAKER WHOSE BANDWIDTH AND SPL POTENTIAL COMPETE WITH SLIM TOWERS like the $6,500 DeVore FidelityNines and the $8,400 Esoteric MG-20 BECAUSE OF ITS LF [LOW FREQUENCY] PROWESS AND SMALL SIZE, THE MAXIMUS ALSO IS A SMART CANDIDATE FOR CIVILIZED 2.0 MOVIE SYSTEMS DOING DOUBLE DUTY AS MUSIC RIGS. Even on blockbuster fare, our household -- which admittedly considers THX standards for sound pressure levels utterly ridiculous -- never wants for more than the Maximus powered from the Bel Canto Design.One S300 delivers on the pressure and wallop front. Far from it in fact. ALL HAIL THE NEW GENERAL.


- Srajan Ebaen, Publisher & Chief Editor of