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"...designed to maximize your enjoyment."



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Home theatre is extremely different than 2-channel audio. Rather than using two speakers to try to re-create a 3D soundstage, the multi-channel experience immerses you within the action by surrounding you with sounds from all directions. To fulfill this special need, Mark & Daniel specifically designed the Muse series.


The Muse 1a uses bi-pole technology to radiate the sound throughout the room. Rather than emitting the sound from the front of the speaker like conventional 2-channel audio speakers, each Muse 1a speaker fires from both the front and back a little like two speakers back-to-back would. This radiation pattern wraps the listeners in a sound field to minimize the effects of localization and two dimensionality. The Muse 1a speakers literally vanish in your lisening environment, putting you right in the picture.


If your primary entertainment is home theatre, you owe it to yourself to acquire the Muse 1a, designed to maximize your enjoyment.


The Muse Center a was designed specifically for center speaker duty in a home theater environment delivering crystal clear dialogs and carrying most of the center stage presentation.



The Muse 1a  specifics