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"Not just a “super tweeter,” (it's) designed to produce a stronger high frequency output with any existing speaker system."

Imagine being able to close your eyes and visualize the placement of the musicians in the sound space created by your speaker system. Imagine the depth and dimension of a sound stage that runs not simply from left to right, but one that also opens to expand both in front of and behind your your system, a sound stage so real you could almost walk among the musicians who are playing in real time. 

If this sounds like a fantasy, then you have yet to experience the magic which the Mark & Daniel Omni Harmonizers can produce when added to any music system. 

The Omni-Harmonizers use a small Air Motion Transformer, firing upward into a 360 degree marble dispersion cone, to create a sound field that radiates completely around your listening environment, opening and expanding the depth and dimension of your audio experience. 

Not just a “super tweeter,” the Omni Harmonizer is designed to produce a stronger high frequency output with any existing speaker system. It produces a more vivid spatiality through the emphasis of high frequency harmonics by producing a certain proportion of indirect high frequency reflections back to the listener.The Omni Harmonizer is purposely designed to respond to high musical harmonics, from 7KHz to 35KHz, the very high frequency band. The Omni-Harmonizer adds a new layer of direct and reflected sound, adding life, dimension and depth to every musical composition. 

While the Omni-Harmonizer is designed as an auxiliary device to work with the Aragorn Monitor, it can be used with any speaker system, including any Mark & Daniel speaker, to reveal this hidden audio dimension. 

Once you experience the vivid reality that the M&D Harmonizer can bring out of your recordings, you will never use your speakers without it!