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"(The) Ruby's midrange is warmer and fuller..."

- Srajan Ebaen, Publisher & Chief Editor of











Ruby Monitors are truly a stunning achievement. Using one DM-4 Air Motion Transformer and one SX bass speaker, the Ruby monitors produce astounding bass and breathtaking high end clarity, from 45Hz all the way up to 25Khz. 

Encased in compound artificial marble (CAM), our seamless, one piece cabinets create the ideal rock-solid anchorage to handle the incredible dynamic range of this speaker. Winner of the Blue Moon Award for the most outstanding mini-speaker in the world, the Ruby is simply in a class by itself. 

Shimmering highs, breathtaking lows, and crystal clear vocals are the result of painstaking efforts on the part of M&D research to achieve an incredibly low frequency crossover point of 900 Hz, completely out of the critical vocal range of the human voice. The result of all this painstaking effort: silky-smooth transients, instantaneous response, and a sound stage that is wide and deep. 

Finally, you will hear music without distortion, effortlessly transparent and real. The Ruby reveals your music just as it was originally recorded, with reproduction so incredibly lifelike that you’ll feel transported back to the moment of musical creation. 

The Ruby speakers must simply be heard to be believed.





"Ruby dearest, really and truly mine...

The Rubies will play unreasonably loud for their size. It might surprise you to learn however that Ruby's midrange is warmer and fuller  BASS THEN IS SHOCKING, PERIOD. There's still life at 30Hz, rolled off naturally but sufficiently present to mix in and support a very robust midbass. That's simply otherworldly for a speaker this size. UNBELIEVABLE IN FACT.

So, this isn't a laid-back but intense speaker. Intense in a good colorful way, with kick-boxing jump factor and completely counter-intuitive fullness. In short, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for what I wanted.

- Srajan Ebaen, Publisher & Chief Editor of , Cyprus