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"Greener, less powerful (and less power-consuming) amps..."


- David Kan, Reviewer,












Imagine taking all the best attributes of our already legendary, award-winning Ruby monitor, and then enhancing them with five significant modifications for your audio pleasure. 

That’s what M&D have created with The Sapphire, the most incredible small bookshelf monitor you may ever hear. 

Featuring bi-wire binding posts, totally isolated upper and lower drivers, more flexible bass surround, improved crossover circuitry and additional ports for better breathing, the Sapphire is a monumental achievement in sound reproduction. 

Be prepared to be totally amazed the first time you hear music through a Sapphire monitor. Bathe your senses in an enormous sound stage with both width and incredible depth, with sound so detailed you feel you could walk among the musicians. 

The Sapphire is the professional version of our Ruby, and reproduces music with realism and authenticity. Brillant highs, stunning low bass, and crystal clear transparency throughout the vocal and instrumental range are made possible by a very low 900 crossover, while the modified Motion Transformer and patented SX woofer bring you dynamic realism in any room of your environment.





"As of today though, we've learned one convenient truth already. WE CAN NOW ALL ENJOY THE PRECIOUS MARK  & DANIEL SOUND WITH GREENER, LESS POWERFUL (AND LESS POWER-CONSUMING) AMPS. That's great news by any measure!


- David Kan, Reviewer,