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Review of The Sapphire by Positive Feedback

These speakers have tons of Grade-A meat on their bones and they throw up a very solid presentation with excellent focus and dimensionality.  Tonal colors are realistically saturated, which is to say that these are tonally and harmonically dense.  But what really sets the Mark & Daniel Sapphires apart from the rest of the pack is the purity of their midrange; its complete lack of grit and grain...     Read the rest of the review here



Review of The Mini by 6moons audio reviews


Yep, that's right. Another Mark& Daniel review on 6moons. I'm well aware that as a group, we've already published a veritable library of information on this brand. But what you may not be aware of is how the behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt on these gents' wares is every bit as enthusiastic. Plus, when an audio writer recommends a product to other writers, you'd be wise to take that recommendation seriously.... Read the rest of the review here


Review of The Ruby by 6moons audio reviews


This review took me a long time to finish. I rewrote it three times. Each time I felt ready to submit it, I held it back. Actually, I clicked it out the Windows. Deleted, with a splash on the street below. There was either something I hadn't yet fully expressed or I'd missed to touch the core of the matter. Why should that have been so difficult? What makes the Maximus-Ruby so special? The first three drafts evolved around the usual routine of cross-firing amps, spinning CDs and streaming thoughts. No, it had to be more than the usual business of sorting through impressions. But was it?... Read the rest of the review here



Review of Maximus-Topaz loudspeakers by TNT-Audio


Well there I was looking for something else to review when Mr Editor notified the staff about some speakers in 'marble' cabinets. Now being an environmentally-concerned sort of guy, I was a bit worried about shipping such items around the planet but I agreed to audition them. Like much hi-fi these days, the speakers, Maximus-Topaz to give them their full name, come from the far-east, so shipping them to me in England isn't much different to sending them to Italy or the USA etc....  Read the rest of the review here


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