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The M&D stand is a stylish, high quality speaker stand that will fit into any decor. It is constructed from special compound marble matrix, the same material used in Mark & Daniel speakers, and the trim pieces are available in the same optional colors as all Mark & Daniel speakers.



The stand is both solid and rigid in construction and will make a perfect anchorage for your speakers.


Features: Features: conduit cable connector can hide speaker cables up to 10 mm in diameter 


Applications: For Mini, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire - standard table; For Maximus Monitor with addition of optional, larger table


   Height:  27.7" (70 cm)
   Width:   13.6" (35 cm)
   Depth:   13.6" (35 cm)
   Standard Table:  6.7" X 8.3" (17 X 21 cm) width & depth
   Optional Table:   8.3" X 9.8" (21 X 25 cm) width & depth

Price: $700


Available in all M&D optional colors @ 10% additional