Mark and Daniel


Mark & Daniel is a unique high fidelity electronic and speaker designer and manufacturer, specializing in R&D for drivers and speakers capable of lifelike sound reproduction. Our revolutionary and proprietary drivers were first launched in 2004 with the introduction of the internationally acclaimed Maximus-Monitor.

Since then, Mark & Daniel has developed a full line of speakers comprised of bookshelves, monitors, and floor standers for serious audio enthusiasts, audiophiles, and home theatre aficionados alike. The speaker line includes the Mini, Blue Moon award-winning Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Maximus-Monitor, Aragorn, Apollo II, and Apollo, as well as the Muse series, designed for the specific requirements of the home theatre experience. These speakers all share the Mark & Daniel house sound differing mostly by their increasing output capabilities as one moves to larger models. Mark & Daniel drivers cabinets and drivers are all designed, manufactured, and proudly assembled in house for unparalleled performance and quality.


The Mark and Daniel Difference


Today’s high fidelity speaker systems are limited by three common factors:


-  an operating bandwidth too narrow for the high drivers

-  an operating bandwidth which is too wide for the low drivers

-  high crossover frequencies between the woofer and tweeter (high and low drivers) create frequency modulation distortion 

Mark & Daniel has addressed each of these issues during the course of their product development with two key breakthroughs:  wide band drivers and patented super linear excursion bass driver technology.




Aptly coined DREAMS (Directly Responding Emitter by Air Motion Structure), the unique Mark & Daniel's mid/high frequency drivers, inspired by the Air Motion Transformer patented by Dr. Heil, have pleated ribbon diaphragms which can cover the critical frequencies ranging from 500Hz to 35,000Hz. These exceptional drivers single-handedly reproduce the critical voice range without any crossover induced interference and further, they are also capable of creating wide sonic dispersion patterns and high sound pressure levels without distortion.




SX Woofer

Mark & Daniel's patented SX technology has wisely reversed the traditional relationship of the shorter magnetic field versus longer voice-coil. Using the most powerful Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets, Mark & Daniel is able to create an enormously long and even magnetic field around the relatively shorter voice-coil while incorporating a long-throw suspension system, resulting in a very high excursion guaranteeing linear and undistorted operation of the piston under much higher sound pressure level (SPL) output. As a result, the SX Woofers are capable of reproducing deeper, undistorted bass with a much higher SPL and dynamic output than similar size traditional woofers. Therefore, under the same sound pressure level requirements, the SX woofers can now utilize a much smaller enclosure.



With twice the excursion, each SX Woofer performs like a traditional woofer over 40% larger.  For example, the 6.5 SX Woofer of the Monitor essentially performs like a traditional 9 woofer while the 10 of the Apollo II almost like that of 15 woofer.



Low Frequency Crossovers


All Mark & Daniel speakers feature an exceptionally low electronic crossover frequency, due to their redesigned Air Motion Transformer.  The result: the electronic crossover is now completely removed from the frequency range of most vocals and instruments, providing the listener with clear, undistorted reproduction in this critically important area of human hearing.




Monolith Marble Cabinets


The crowning touch for every Mark & Daniel speaker is the use of the monolith marble cabinet structure.  Rather than using traditional wood laminates and veneers, which can vibrate and add sonic coloration of their own, Mark & Daniel Monolith Marble cabinets are completely inert, providing a dense, vibration-free foundation for the amazing Mark & Daniel drivers.