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"...provides clarity and lifelike presence..."











The Topaz speaker is nearly identical to our award-winning Ruby Monitor, the main difference being that it is more efficient, requiring less power to drive, and therefore it is more friendly to tube amplifiers and lower powered amps. 

Using the same DM-4 Air Motion Transformer and a 5.5 inch SX driver, the Topaz features incredible highs all the way out to 25Khz, and low bass response all the way down to 48 Hz. Because of the newly engineered Air Motion Transformer, the Topaz also features an extremely low 900 Hz crossover frequency, completely removed from the human vocal range. This means that there is nothing to interfere with the perfect reproduction of the human voice. 

The amazing responsiveness of the AMT high range driver provides clarity and life-like presence that must be heard to be fully appreciated. Effortless, immediate transient response, over five times faster than any cone dome tweeter, produces near instantaneous presence to all instruments, while the SX woofer establishes a solid, authoritative low end that provides dynamic realism to your audio quest. 

The Topaz finally brings legendary Mark & Daniel reproduction to the tube lover and hi-fi enthusiast of every strata.