Q.  Which M&D speakers are better for rock, country, jazz, classical?

A.   The idea that some speakers are better for any particular type orgenre of music is one of the most prevalent myths in the world of audiotoday.  In reality, the best speaker is absolutely neutral andtransparent, only reproducing in acoustic terms what is fed into itelectronically, without adding any sound or coloration of its own.

Some speakers have been noted by critics as being better for jazz orrock due to their bass emphasis; other speakers were supposedly betterfor classical because their upper drivers seemed more transparent andless apt to distort violins and reeds. 

Yet think about what this really implies.  If you have a speaker thatis supposedly good for “rock” or “jazz,” what happens if you want toplay classical and vice-versa?  Seen from this perspective, it isreadily apparent that the best speakers are totally neutral, neitherfavoring a bass or treble response, but instead, are totallytransparent, open, natural, lifelike and realistic in the sense thatthey do not change, distort or color the original music signal receivedfrom the amplifier.

That’s the long answer to the question.  The short answer is this:  ALLMark & Daniel speakers are “best” for ALL music.  Period.