Q. Why are Mark & Daniel cabinets made of marble rather than wood?


MonolithMarbleCabinet copy copy.jpgA. Most speaker companies use wood for their speaker cabinets ratherthan the marble that Mark & Daniel use exclusively for all ourspeakers.  Wood does have some merits -- for the manufacturer.  It ischeaper, lighter, much easier to work with, assembles faster, weighsless to ship, and does an adequate job to supply the physical structurefor their speakers.

Mark & Daniel see things differently.  Although wood is a renewableresource, Mark & Daniel would rather conserve that resource thanuse it.  Moreover, wood has some very serious drawbacks when used as astructure for speaker cabinets.

Many musical instruments are made of wood, because wood vibrates andadds it’s own tonal coloration to the instrument.  That is why wood isused in the construction of guitars, violins, cellos, woodwinds, etc. Because wood does vibrates, however, it is simply the wrong material touse for the construction of speaker cabinets.   An audio speaker shouldhave only one major element that vibrates -- the speaker driversthemselves -- while the cabinet should be absolutely inert andimpervious to all vibrations.


Only marble satisfies this requirement for a cabinet material that isdense, solid and immune to vibration, thereby preventing any audio“coloration” from the cabinet to the sound of the music itself.  Ourdense marble cabinets free the drivers to accurately reproduce theelectrical signal being fed into them without adding any sound of theirown.  This is precisely why Mark & Daniel use artificial marblecabinets in every speaker they make.

Besides providing the ideal structural support for our outstandingspeakers, there are many other reasons why marble cabinets are farsuperior to wood.  Unlike wood, marble cannot chip, warp, rot, split,or come apart at the seams.  It is impervious to water and liquids;therefore it cannot be affected by moisture.  Best of all, all Mark& Daniel speakers are chemically bonded into one piece, seamlesscabinets,  thereby assuring you of the utmost performance that anyspeaker cabinet can deliver in the quest for the ultimate sound.