Q.  Why are all your speakers two way (tweeter and woofer, high and low driver) designs?

A.   One of Mark & Daniel’s maxims is that “simplicity is best.” While the ideal speaker would be composed of only one driver reproducing the entire audio spectrum, the reality is that suchspeakers (and there are very few in the world) are terribly expensiveand very difficult to manufacture.  Therefore, most speaker designersand manufacturers specify at least two drivers (a low bass driver and ahigh treble driver) for their speakers.  The low bass driver usuallycovers the lower bass octaves, while the treble driver is employed toreproduce the upper octaves of sound.

Some speaker designers employe 3 or more speakers to reproduce theentire range of the audio spectrum because the range of each individualdriver they are using is not sufficiently broad or flexible enough tocover more than a very limited area of the audible musical spectrum.

Mark & Daniel feel that this approach (using more than 2 speakersto cover the audio spectrum) is fraught with errors including thepossibility of increased distortion and the masking of realisticmusical details.  Introducing multiple drivers in a speaker cabinetmeans that all the extra speakers must be tuned for coherency, that is,they must deliver their musical information to the listener at the sametime, even if they are of different sizes and types. 

This problem of coherency is sufficiently difficult to overcome in a 2driver system (which Mark & Daniel has achieved).  However, everyadditional driver added to the cabinet geometrically increases thedifficulty of maintaining coherent speaker phasing throughout the audiospectrum. 

Then, to compound matters, every one of the drivers must have anelectronic “crossover” to essentially divert a select portion of theaudio spectrum to each particular speaker.  So the more drivers, themore crossovers, the harder it is to maintain overall speakercoherency, and the more easily phase distortion and frequencymodulation distortion can occur.

As we said at the beginning, Mark & Daniel’s philosophy is “simpleis best.”  That is why every Mark & Daniel speaker is a 2 waysystem with only one electronic crossover -- to maximize coherency andminimize audio distortion of every type.