Q. Why are the tweeters (high audio drivers) on all Mark & Daniel speakers square or rectangular?


faq5.jpgA.  The reason our high drivers look so unusual is because they are. Unlike cone-dome tweeters, Mark & Daniel uses much more costly andmuch more accurate Air Motion Transformers.  This ribbon driver ispleated, rather than flat.  It squeezes air to accelerate it, ratherthan push it.  Moreover, the modified Air Motion Transformers (calledthe DREAMS driver by Mark & Daniel) can accelerate air more than 5Xfaster than any cone dome tweeter. 

Mark & Daniel Air Motion Transformers can reveal incredible sonicdetail, while preserving the “openness” and “air” of the originalrecording. One of the reasons this can be accomplished, besides thefaster acceleration of air by the AMT, is that the radiant surface areaof the DREAMS AMT is far greater than a normal cone dome tweeter.

Even the smallest AMT used by Mark & Daniel has the radiantequivalent area of 12 one-inch cone dome tweeters; the largest AMT onour Apollo speakers each has the radiant surface area of 160 cone dometweeters!

While the explanation may be complicated, what the Air MotionTransformer means to you is simple: incredible, crystal clear highs,precise imaging and separation between instruments, a totally open,airy natural sound, and the feeling that “you are there” at the momentof creation.