Q.  Mark & Daniel speakers feature a low “crossover” point. Why is a low crossover point so critically important in high fidelitymusic reproduction?



A.  All M&D speakers feature amazingly low frequency crossover designs.  The crossover frequency is that place in the audible frequency spectrum where the electrical signal from the amplifier is separated between the high and low frequency drivers of the individual speakers.  The lower this frequency split, the better.  Why?

Most musical instruments, including the human voice, have primary frequencies between 2000-4000 cycles per second (2-4 Khz).  This is the most critical area of music reproduction because it is the area where our human ears are the most sensitive.
Unfortunately, this is also exactly the area where most speaker manufacturers must place their electronic crossover frequency, because the traditional drivers they use are incapable of reproducing frequencies lower than 1800-2000 cycles.  The result?  A disturbing sense that something is not “quite right” with many instruments, especially vocal reproduction.

The Mark & Daniel DREAMS driver, on the other hand, easily extends far below  this critical frequency window to as low as 500 cycles in our largest speakers.  Because our DREAMS drivers allow us to move the electronic frequency crossover far below this most critical 2000-4000 cycle frequency spectrum, M&D speakers sound amazingly clear and lifelike.  Rather than feeling as if you are listening to recorded music coming out of a box, you have the sense of “being there” at the moment of musical creation.  It’s an incredible difference.