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"Energetic as hell..."










The Apollo II is the pinnacle of Mark & Daniel's high-end speaker line for uncompromising audiophiles, promising hair rising performances only live concerts were able to provide until to now.


With a colossal and dynamic sound, the stage is not only deep, but also wide and broad.   Instruments are positioned with pinpoint accuracy in the 3 dimensional space. Each incredible DM-3 Air Motion Transformers has the radiant surface area of over 160 one-inch cone dome tweeters!


From low frequencies vibrating with the constrained thunder of a powerful locomotive, to the soaring ecstasy of a symphonic violin soloist playing Paganini, the Apollo II opens the door and brings you to the immediate experience of "being there" at the moment of creation.


From a visual standpoint, the Apollo II is more art than speaker. The timeless external lines appear sculpted out of a solid block of marble. The signature Mark & Daniel beveled edges give the tall Apollo II the svelte appearance of a long-distance runner.


The Apollo II is at home with audio systems having high current amplification and it's provision for bi-wiring assures the audiophile with exceptional performance throughout the audio frequency spectrum. Nothing can really prepare you for your 1st listening experience with the Apollo II.... better wear your seat belt!






"I'll already state how these speakers are something else altogether. The MARK & DANIEL® APOLLO IIS ARE TONS-O-FUN unique, some of the best speakers I've ever used… Bass and overall dynamics combine for a presentation that is anything but laid back or reticent. In fact, it's ENERGETIC AS HELL... The overture from Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom Of The Opera starts out with cracks of thunder which are, well, thunderous - literally. I DID JUMP IN MY CHAIR THIS TIME. That damned thunder actually came out of the speakers and went right through me as it engulfed the whole room. I played it again and again and again. IT CAME FROM THE FRONT OF THE ROOM RIGHT AT ME AS I'D NEVER HEARD IT DO BEFORE… Lots of strings, chimes and triangles sounded as delicate as they did present within my room. When the brass kicked in with some high-octane energy, the Apollo IIs just came into their own with that smooth articulation and sense of ease and grace… THE MARK & DANIELS MAKE MOST OTHERSPEAKERS I'VE USED SOUND PRISSY.”


- John Potis, Reviewer,